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List of Fragances Available

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Here's the list of Fragances available and where you should use it.

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1) Wine Divine - a mix of strawberries, wild berries with a note of grapes. Signature fragance for the Gran Melia Hotel.  A strong scent and very sweet. Works great in livingrooms or bigger areas.

2)Sweet Cabernet - mix of strawberries, wild berries with a strong note of grapes. This is a new version of the Wine Divine scent.  A stronger scent extremly sweet. Works great in livingrooms or bigger areas.

3)Sexy Cabernet a mix strawberries, wildberries with a touch of pomegranate

4) Strawberry cabernet -wil berries, blue berries, grapes and a touch of vanilla

6)Roses- After searching almost 10 years for a true, fresh-cut rose scent, we have accomplished it! Cresanti's Fresh cut roses fragrance oil is the truest fresh cut rose on the market! A Best Seller! Works great on Bedrooms.


7)Cinnamon-The purest form of Cinnamon we carry with a touch of ginger. Works great in the kitchen.

8) Lavender-Floral bouquet of rose, carnation & violet enhanced by jasmine & lavender on a dry down of patchouli, cedarwood and oak moss. Great for bedrooms. Very relaxing scent.

9)Lemon-A slightly green citrus bouquet with lemon and orange notes. Gives a scence of clean. Works great in the bathroom.

10)Eucalyptus - A combination on eucalyptus and peppermint

11)Lemon Eucalyptus-A combination of Lemon, Eucalyptus with light floral background notes of rose, lilac and lavender. Excellent choice for Bedrooms or bathrooms

12)Mango Papaya-A tropical delight! You will fall in love with this fruity blend of ripened mango and juicy papaya. You can use this in the livingroom or in your bedroom.

13)Gardenia-A floral blend of gardenia and jasmine with a strong orange flavor bottom note. Works great in the bedroom. 

14)Hawaiian Ginger- Signature Fragance for the Intercontinental Hotel in Puerto Rico-You will love this refreshing tropical array containing top notes of tangy pineapple, freshly-sliced summer melons, and crisp apple slices. Middle notes include iris, rose, jasmine, and cyclamen. Base notes of vanilla and musk make this fragrance a perfect blend. You can use this in your livingroom or your bedroom.

15)Luxury-Luxury begins with notes of tulips, lilies and roses with a shade of orange and mahogany. Excellent fragrance for bedrooms. This is the signature fragrance for La Concha Hotel.

16)7th sense- mix of Japanese grapefruit, peaches, lilies, rose, lotus flower and its base is bamboo

17)Citrus Cabernet - mix of red wine with a touch of citrus (excelent for kitchen or bathroom



Custom Made Wedding or Special Event

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We offer scented candles for you special event taking in consideration the space and the event creating a unique sensation.

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