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Room Spray 10ml


New and improved Room Spray

We also added new fragrances!

Glass bottle

10 ml

Here's a few ideas to use our room spray

1. Spray the pillows during the day, so when bedtime arrives, there is a touch of fragrance when lying down. - Caitlin C.

2. I like to spray the room spray on my vacuum filter and every time I clean my carpet, it fills the room with the scent. Fast and renewed carpet without having to buy that nasty carpet in powder. - Ryan K.

3. I often spray air freshener on the curtains; some fragrances / brands last a long time and you smell an aroma when there is a breeze. - Joan G.

4. I like to spray the inside of a trash can before putting a new trash bag. It smells good every time you throw something. - Dave A.

5. I like to spray inside my drawers and in my closet! -Angela D.

6. Sometimes I spray my favorite fragrance on the towels I store for longer periods of time. - Diego B.

7. I spray the inside of my suitcase before packing. It prevents my clothes from smelling bad when I arrive at my new destination. - John B.

8. I use it before having guests. It gives the room a nice clean fresh feeling. - Lili Lee

9. I like to spray the fabric lining inside the laundry basket to keep things smelling fresh until the day of the clothes. - Jenna V.

10. I like to spray the carpets in our car before leaving on a road trip. Makes for a lovely trip! - Sue A.

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