Cresanti Candles

Aromatherapy, candles, diffusers & Jewelry  

Glass and other containers candles have become one of the most preferred candle types in today's market. Their most popular feature is the non-dripping aspect of this style of candle compared to othe free-standing candles like pillars and tapers.

Our Candles are made with natural ingredients and some of them will fade. In order to keep ingredients of our candles as natural as possible Enticing You has chosen not to use ultra-violet inhibitors. Therefore some of the color will fade or change over time. We recommend that customers keep candles in a cool and dry place when not in use. Most fading occurs when candles are exposed to direct sunlight.

Our candles smell so incredible because of our innovative fragrance technology and our pouring process.

Alot of candles in the market tend to make a hole burning down the center of the Jar. That is because they are using the wrong type of wick. At Enticing You we have tested hundreds of wicks to assure the proper fit giving the best burn possible. The proper type wick will be able to create a large enough melt pool that extends all the way out the outer edge. That means no wasted wax around the edges but beautiful even burn all the way to the very bottom.


After continually smelling the same scent for more than 15 minutes, our olfactory system will become less sensitive, making us think the scent has disappeared. For a longer-lasting fragrance, use different scents in different areas of the home, so the olfactory system can be stimulated as we walk from room to room.